2-Post Lift SPM32-E

3.2 t, electromechanical, symmetrical, 2-stage long arms, 3-stage short arms

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Tomorrow Series – The Way to the Future

  • Modern design: clean and linear column profile with internal carriage
  • Innovative DNA: long-standing high-quality components and tested for 20000 cycles
  • Space optimisation: ultimate ergonomics thanks to the electronic foot guard

Revised technology shaping a modern design: The 2-post lifts of the Tomorrow Series of Rotary raise your workshop immediately into the future.

  • Quick and easy operations: The working bay is free of obstacles and the operations can be performed safely and comfortably. A pair of outrigger plates for floors not compliant with installation requirements is available upon request.
  • Minimum routine maintenance: The operating parts require little time for easy replacement or maintenance reducing the risk of error on safety elements.
  • Guaranteed safety and quality over the time: The lift is equipped with premium components that guarantee durability and maximum safety for the operator.
  • Quick installation – Up to 20% improvement in installation time: The electronic synchronization avoids the installation and adjustment of the realignment cable.
  • Wide rubber protected areas
  • Switch operated lifting control
  • Equipped with an acoustic anti-toe trap system – Free from mechanical foot guards
  • Premium quality of components
    • Aluminum pulley with cooling function
    • Long lasting bearings
    • 50% longer, bronze load nut
    • Motors with reinforced and cooling casing
    • Solid automatic arm locking
  • A pair of outrigger plates for floors not compliant with installation requirements is available upon request.
  • Overhead cable crossing
  • Tested for 20000 cycles
  • Electronic synchronization
  • The geometry of the arms was designed to lift anything from city to long-wheelbase cars.
  • Quick nut replacing: New motor plate that allows to remove the screw from the front side of the column with the column standing.
  • Short 3-stage arms and long 2-stage arms with quick fit telescopic rubber pad
  • Internal carriages running on lubricated sliding guides, protected from the external environment, that ensures a longer life to the sliding elements


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Tech Data

Features2-Post Lift SPM32-E2-Post Lift SPM32-E2-Post Lift SPMA32-X2-Post Lift SPMA32-X2-Post Lift SPMA35-X2-Post Lift SPMA35-X2-Post Lift SPMA35-XE2-Post Lift SPMA35-XE2-Post Lift SPMA32-XP2-Post Lift SPMA32-XP
Number of columns22222
Mode of driveelectromechanicalelectromechanicalelectromechanicalelectromechanicalelectromechanical
Type of installationsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mounted
Rated load capacity3200kg3200kg3500kg3500kg3200kg
Lifting height max.2000mm2000mm2012mm2012mm2000mm
Drehtellerhöhe min.90mm--------
Drehtellerhöhe max.120mm--------
Säulenweite außen3158mm--------
Erforderliche Deckenhöhe4050mm--------
Surface coatingPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coated
Support arm designasymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetrical
Telescopability front support arms3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold
Telescopability rear support arms2-fold2-fold2-fold2-fold2-fold
Tragarmlänge vorne min.511mm--------
Tragarmlänge vorne max.914mm--------
Tragarmlänge hinten min.805mm--------
Tragarmlänge hinten max.1203mm--------
Driving power2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW
Elektrischer Anschluss400 V | 50 Hz--------
Width3318mm3250 - 3350mm3250 - 3350mm3250 - 3350mm3250 - 3350mm