Product quality at a consistently high level

Bräunlingen, September 19. 2017 For more than 5 years, Elektron is part of BlitzRotary GmbH and therefore an important member of the Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand family. Brand essence and therefore a fundamental component of Elektron is a consistently high product quality which we are able to guarantee with our production sites in Germany.

Bremen is particularly closely linked to Elektron. At our production site in Bremen MI-100, M-80 and M-20 series resistance spot welding equipment is unalterably manufactured. The well-known high quality of Elektron is ensured by our long-term employees and their experience. Service and development are a part of it. At our production site in Bräunlingen we are focused on battery service appliances. Common to both sites is the equally high vertical range of manufacture that allows us to fully control the production process and therefore ensure a consistently high product quality.

This is just one of many reasons why products made by Elektron have a variety of manufacturer authorizations. The newest member is the approval of our MI-100control T resistance spot welding device (VAS 821201) by Volkswagen. A complete overview of all product approvals can be found on

About BlitzRotary

BlitzRotary is the European head office of the world leader in vehicle lifting technology, a division of the Vehicle Service Group (VSG). Under the brand names Blitz, Rotary, Butler and Elektron we produce and market products in the areas of lifting equipment, compressed air technology, wheel service, vehicle diagnostics, welding and battery service. For further information, please visit